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Simplify your job as race director by letting us handle the most demanding part of your day.

Impeccable Race Timing

With our state of the art chip timing system, we can directly import your race list into our database, provide simple day of race registration, capture gun and/or chip start and chip finish times.  We can provide finish data at any point and give you virtually any combination of reports you desire.  

Midvale City’s Rotary 5K

Our race took a huge step forward in both timing and professionalism

with the participation of New Balance store's timing company, Impeccable

Race Timing, doing our timing for the race this past year and hopefully

for all future races.  They made the entire Midvale Rotary 5 K Race a

more enjoyable.  As a race organizer, runner, or sponsor, the entire

race with results was enjoyable, smooth and professional.


Midvale Rotary Club